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  • Chuck Magsig

Day 14: Peace (found on an unlikely path)

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27 

When all hope seems gone, and we’re beset by threats of every kind, peace is what we long for; yet, it is often so difficult to find.

As a military officer, in the service of the preeminent “peace-keeping” nation in the world, I was taught the basic maxim of “Peace Through Strength”. In order to be an effective deterrent in a world filled with potential enemies seeking to undo us, we must be the strongest and most resolute military on the planet. And so … such is what we aspired to be.

However, as Believers, we are taught just the opposite. Christians are to be dependent, trusting in One stronger than ourselves, willing to follow our unseen Leader, and relying upon Him to guide and protect us. In other words, rather than through our own strength, we are taught to be submissive to One we cannot see … yet who is ever-present in our lives.  

To those who don’t yet know Him, this seems like an unreasonable, if not impossible task. And yet, as growing Believers read the Bible and apply its truths to our lives, we find it is the only solution that works.  

The Leader who came to show us the way, was Himself submissive to His Father and endured a most unlikely and painful path to offer us peace. It now falls to us to believe … and receive … that for which He came and so freely gave his all.

Perhaps the words of this old hymn may help...

There Is Peace In The Midst Of My Storm-Tossed Life

Oh, There’s An Anchor, There’s A Rock To Cast My Faith Upon

Jesus Rides In My Vessel, So I’ll Fear No Alarm

He Gives Me Peace In The Midst Of My Storm

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